University Circulars:

Circular regarding District level Essay Writing Competition  for college students in the topic “Karnataka in 2025 – My Vision” on 14th November 2017 – Dated 07.11.2017

Circular regardingObservance of the Vigilance Awareness Week 2017” – Dated 03.11.2017

Circular & Govt. Orders on  National Anthem – Dated 27.10.2017

Circular on Selection of University Cultural team 2017-18 : Dated 25.10.2017

Circular on International Youth Exchange Programme organized by Indian Foundation for Global Peace Education – Dated 19.10.2017

UG Admission Approval for 2017-18 : Venue – Updated on 06.10.2017

Change of Venue for UG Admission Approval 2017-18 – Dated 06.10.2017

UG Admission Approval for 2017-18 : Date, Time & Venue – Dated 03.10.2017

Circular on Prevention of Caste based discrimination in Higher Educational Institutions – Dated 06.10.2017

Circular to Principals of Affiliated Colleges to pay the balance amount to University – Dated 15.09.2017

Circular to Affiliated colleges regarding Admission Approval of UG Courses – Published on 14.09.2017

Circular regarding not to force  eligible SC/ST students to pay the full fees during Admission

UGC Guidelines on determination of uniform span period within which the student allowed to qualify the Degree

Circular to all the Departments/Sections at Jnanabharathi Campus & Central College Campus to submit Physical Verification of stock report of 2016-17

Circular to All the departments & sections of BU to submit Annual Report of 2016-17 under RTI Act Section 25 – Dated 21.03.2017

Circular to all the Professors of BU PG Departments at Jnanabharathi Campus & Central College Campus to provide their professional details to upload to UGC website- Dated 20.03.2017

Circular Regarding Resolving RTI Cases – Dated 07.03.2017

Letter from Secretary, UGC ragarding Banning junk foods in College Campuses – Dated 06.12.2016

Circular to the Departments regarding Appointment of Project Staff Dated 21.11.2016

Availing the Youth Development & other Programmes offered by Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan(NYKS) – Dated 09.11.2016

Letter from UGC regarding Awareness Program for student to educate ill-effects of Drug Addiction – Dated 27.09.2016

Circular regarding Prevention of Caste Based Discrimination in Higher Education Institutions – Dated 23.09.2016

Students to register into National Digital Library portal – dated 12.09.2016

UGC directions for Allocation of Hostel accomodation to Physically Disabled students – Dated 29.08.2016

UGC Guidelines on determination of uniform span period within which the student allowed to qualify the Degree

Organizing Academic Event in PG departments at National /International Level – Dated 20.04.2016

Eligible teachers to teach Soft Skills subjects in UG Courses