• 1.1:Eligible (Unemployed) SC/ST candidates who claim reimbursement of fee from Social Welfare Department, Government of Karnataka, are required to submit the following documents along with the application obtained from the Directorate within 30 days from the date of registration to the Course:
      • (a)One set of photocopies of following certificates attested by the Gazetted Officer:
        • i)Caste Certificate with Photograph, issued by competent authorities
        • ii)Income Certificate issued after 01.04.2010
        • iii)Previous year’s Marks cards
        • iv)Identity Card,
        • v)Self Addressed envelope affixed with Rs. 22/- Postal stamps
      • (b)One passport Size recent photograph.
      • (c)Declaration of unemployment on a Rs.20/- Stamp paper
    • Note
      • 1Original Identity Card, Caste Certificate, Income Certificate & previous year Marks cards shall be produced for verification and return.
      • 2This facility is available only for the students of Karnataka State.
      • 3The students are required ti register themselves with social welfare department office, Yelahanka, prior to applying to DCC and DE.


  • 1.2Authority to Conduct Exams
    The Examination for the Course offered by the Directorate will be conducted by the Registrar (Evaluation), Bangalore University. The Centers for examination will be notified before commencement of the examination. All the students of the Directorate are bound by the Rules, Regulations, Ordinances and Statutes of Bangalore University, Bangalore, framed from time to time.
  • 1.3Number of Examinations in a Year
    In case of Undergraduate courses, (i) Main / Annual examination during May/June and (ii) Supplementary examination during November/December will be conducted. However, for P.G. Courses and other courses, only one examination during May/June will be conducted. Candidates are required to contact the directorate before the commencement of the examinations.
  • 1.4Dispatch of Admission Tickets
    The admission tickets for University Examination can be downloaded from the University website, details of which will be notified through SMS & local dailies. Those who are unable to download the admission ticket from the University website, may contact this Directorate along with ID card & obtain admission tickets well in time. Admission ticket will be issued only on production of ID card.
  • 1.5Admission to Center of examination:
    Students are compulsorily required to produce their (i) Identity card and (ii) admission ticket for admission to center of examination. Failure to do so will invite eviction from the said examination center by chief Superintendents.
  • 1.6Choice of Language of answer in an examination.
    If available, students may choose to answer questions in an examination completely in the said chosen language. Switching over from one language to another language in a paper is not permissible.
  • 1.7Change of one of the Optional subject:
    A Candidate who has offered certain combination of subjects at the beginning of the I year may seek change in only one of the three Optional subjects, at the beginning of the II year, but is required to appear and pass the examination in the (changed) subject of I year also, compulsorily.
  • 1.8Exemption from studying the subjects:
    A graduate who has passed any language under Part-I or optional subjects (B.A) under Part-II earlier, may claim exemption from their study of that language or those optional papers if he/she has studied and passed the same at the corresponding level, subject to conditions stipulated by the University.
  • 1.9Exemptions available to differently enabled students:-
    Students who are deaf or dumb or having learning disability are exempted from studying an Indian language prescribed under part-I. (Notification No-ACA/SUPTD/Language exemption 2004- 05 dated-28.05.2004)
  • 1.10Internal Assessment and Viva-Voce.
    Internal assessment and Viva-Voce is a compulsory requirement which is prescribed for students admitted to BBM, M.Sc (Maths), M.Com and MBA courses. Failure to undergo will result in nonfulfillment of the course requirements, and also cancellation of registration. Internal Assessment and Viva-Voce dates will be intimated about the contact classes through SMS to the concerned candidates and on University website.
  • 1.11Declaration of results of examinations.
    The performance of students in examinations, are declared as per relevant regulations and indicated in statement of marks issued to them.
  • 1.12Important
    • 1Rejection of Results
      Only Under Graduate Students are permitted to reject the results of the whole examination of May/June 2012, within 30 days after the publication of results. This rejection shall be exercised only once and shall not be revoked. The application for rejection of results shall be submitted to the Registrar (Evaluation) along with the prescribed fee.
    • 2Revaluation/Challenge Valuation
      Candidates who wish to apply for revaluation/Challenge Valuation have to first apply for photocopy of the answer script before Applying for revaluation/ Challenge Valuation. After taking the photocopy, if they feel that the marks awarded is not satisfactory, they may then apply for revaluation/ Challenge Valuation within the stipulated time. The photocopy of the answer scripts should be enclosed to the revaluation/ Challenge Valuation application form, as otherwise their revaluation/ Challenge Valuation application will be rejected. Candidates desirous of applying for revaluation/ Challenge Valuation shall have to pay the fee prescribed by the University from time to time for application, photocopy, Revaluation /Challenge Valuation fee
      Note:SC/ST, CAT-I students are eligible for 50% of concession on prescribed fee.
    • 3Challenge Valuation (for P.G. courses only) :
      Eligibility:No student shall be eligible to apply for challenge valuation unless he/she

      • 1Has passed in not less than 50% of the theory papers of the examination in which he/she appeared (in case candidate who has taken 5 theory papers they shall pass in at least 2 theory papers).
      • 2Must have secured not less than 20 % of the maximum marks in each of theory papers in respect of which he / she seeks to Challenge the valuation.
      • Note:(a) To apply within 10 days from the date of announcement of result/issue of marks card.
        (b) SC/ST/CAT-I students are eligible for 50% concession in the prescribed fee.
    • 4Reappearance for the degree
      A Candidate who has passed the degree examination with some optional subjects under Part-II may be permitted to appear subsequently for the same degree but with different optional group under the conditions prescribed by the University.
  • 1.13Procedure for Issue of Provisional Degree Certificate
    Students who qualify for the degree and who seek Provisional Degree Certificate; may apply in the prescribed application, enclosing photocopies of all the marks cards. (Original Marks cards should also be produced for verification and return) & University receipt for having paid Rs. 350/-, only after 30 days from the date of announcement of result.

    • a)Undergraduate students who have not successfully completed 3rd year degree in one attempt should obtain consolidated marks card and then apply.
    • b)Postgraduate students who have not successfully completed 1st & 2nd year degree in one attempt should obtain consolidated marks cards of both the years and then apply.
  • 1.14Procedure to apply for Degree Certificate
    Students, who qualify for the award of degree, may apply for Degree Certificate in the Convocation, in the prescribed format after issue of Notification by the Registrar (Evaluation) in the leading news papers during October/November and February.

    Note:All the students are advised to keep the prospectus till they complete their programme, since it provides useful information to them. Unnecessary Correspondence about the details already available in this prospectus may be avoided.
    The decision of the Vice-Chancellor, Bangalore University, Bangalore is final on the issue and problems that arise on any matter pertaining to the courses offered by the Directorate.
    On Government holidays and third Saturday of the every month the Directorate of Correspondence Courses & Distance Education is closed. No transaction will take place on those days.

    Grievances, if any, may be addressed to:
    The Director,
    Directorate of Correspondence Courses & Distance Education
    Bangalore University, Central College Campus, Palace Road,
    Bangalore- 560 001.
    Phone: 080 -22961261, 64, 65, 67

O/o The Directorate of Correspondence
Courses Central College Campus Palace
Bangalore-560 001.
Date: 23/09/2010
Sub: Revised fee structure for various U.G. /P.G Courses in the Directorate of Correspondence Courses of Bangalore University.
Ref:i) Notification No.Syn/Exam/Rev.Fee/2010-11 Dated: 23.09.2010
ii) Resolution of the Syndicate passed at its meeting held on 12th August 2010.
Pursuant to resolution of the Syndicate at its meeting held on 12th August 2010.fee structure for various U.G. and P.G. Courses in the Directorate of Correspondence Courses and Distance Education, Bangalore University are notified as here under:

Correspondence Scheme
Name of the Course Total Fees includes
(Registration, study materials,
Contact Classes,
Examination/Marks Cards
&Postal/Intimation Charges)
to be paid in one installment
1 I BA 4,100
2 II BA 3,700
3 III BA 3,850
4 I B.COM 4,100
5 II B.COM 3,700
6 III B.COM 3,850
7 I B.B.M. 9,000
8 II B.B.M. 9,015
9 III B.B.M. 9,290
10 I M.A. 5,150