Faculty involved: Dr. N. Nagaiah:


radiation phyenv.radioactivity      radiation exposureRadiation dose

  1. Ambient gama exposure level


Prof.Nagaiah analyzing the ambient gamma radiation level using IERMON (Online monitoring system)meter

natural dediation   

Natural radiation level survey by Gladys Mathews using  
Environmental radiation survey

2.  Alpha radioactivity (Uranium, Radium, Radon and Polonium) in ground water

3.  Radon and its Progeny concentration in air (Indoor & Outdoor) and soil.

LLRDS chamber                                                 KarthikLLRDS chamber (Passive device)                 Mr.Karthik Kumar monitoring radon concentration in air  
                                                                            using RAD7 (Active device)

4. Gamma Activity of primordial radionuclides in soil samples

HPGeHPGe Gamma ray spectrometer

Polymer Composites1. Preparation of the Composites

Composites2. Gamma Attenuation studies

Ambika Ambika. M. R analyzing the Gamma Ray spectrum using PC based MCA

  1. Microscopic & structural studies

Microscopic        SEM                         XRD                           FTIR    

  1. Thermal & Mechanical studies using TGA & TMA respectivelyprotectionRECENT PUBLICATIONS:
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