Proceedings of the ordinary meeting of the Academic Council held on 10-06-2016

Extract of the Proceedings of the 129th meeting of the Syndicate held on 14-06-2016

Chairpersons of the Local Inquiry Committees & The Reports:

1         Prof. Nathalia D’ Souza, the then Member of the Syndicate, BUB

2         Prof. D.G. Srinivas Murthy, the then Member of the Syndicate, BUB

3            Smt. Aruna Kumari N, the then Member of the Syndicate, BUB

4            Dr. Sanjeeva Reddy N, Syndicate Member, BUB

5            Smt. Nafis Fathima, Syndicate Member, BUB

6            Shri  Vijaya Kumar Simha  N, Member of the Syndicate, BUB

7            Shri  Manjunath K.R., Syndicate Member, BUB.

8            Shri Jayanna, Syndicate Member, BUB

9           Prof. Shadaksharaiah, Dept. of History, BUB 

10         Prof. D. Jeevan Kumar, Dept. of Political Science, BUB

11         Prof. Jagadeesh Prakash, Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication, BUB

12         Prof. Lalitha Aswath, Dept. of Library & Info. Science. BUB. 

13         Prof. N. Ramachandraswamy, Dept. of Biochemistry, BUB 

14         Prof. Mohamed Afzal Pasha, Dept. of Chemistry, BUB

15         Prof. Sudesh V, University Law College, BUB

16         Prof. M.S. Talwar, Dept. of Education, BUB 

17         Prof. N. Rangaswamy, Dept. of Economics, BUB

18         Prof. N. Shadakshra Swamy, Dept. of Geology, BUB

19         Prof. L. Gomathi Devi, Dept. of Chemistry, BUB

20        Prof.  Muniraju M., Dept. of Commerce, BUB

21          Shri Jayachandra Reddy, Syndicate Member, BUB 

22         Shri  Ravi Kumar B.G., Syndicate Member, BUB

23         Prof. M. Jamuna, Dept. of History, BUB

24         Prof. H.C. Vajrappa, Dept. of Geology, BUB