Act 29 of 2001.- A Commission was constituted to review the working of the Universities and to make recommendations on certain terms of references in relation to making Higher Education oriented towards supply of man-power commensurate with the needs of the society, improvement of the standards, to become self reliant for mobilization of resources, to assess the contribution of the teaching fraternity and so on. In pursuit of enforcing a few of its specific recommendation it became expedient to effect certain structural alterations in the universities, to confer academic freedom and autonomy conducive for adoption of new methods in teaching learning and research for achieving eminence and excellence; and also to tune-up the administration. Added to it, as a sequel to the establishment of Open University, Health University and Technological University, certain provisions contained in the Karnataka State Universities Act, 1976 are rendered superfluous which will have to be omitted. It has therefore become imperative to enact a new legislation for governance of the universities replacing the existing Act.