1. When does one apply for Post Graduate Courses of Bangalore University?

Bangalore University issues notification calling for applications from the eligible candidates during the last week of June. Almost all the leading newspapers and the web site will give you this information

2. How does one apply for Challenge Valuation?

A Student can apply for challenge valuation within fifteen days from the date of announcemnt of results. Your application has to be forwarded by the Head of the Department in case of Bangalore University Department student or Principal of the College if the student is from Affiliated College

3. Where does one submit Application for Correction of Marks Card?

Application has to be Submitted to the Office of Registrar (Evaluation), Bangalore Univeristy, Pareeksha Bhavan, Jnanabharathi Campus, Banglore – 560 056

4.How to apply for information through RTI?

Application in a plain paper with relevant question along with RTI fee has to be submitted to the RTI Cell, Jnanbharathi Campus, Bangalore University, Bangalore – 560 056

5.How to apply for Eligibility Certificate?

Application, along with relevant fee and enclosures have to be submitted to the Registrar, Bangalore University, Jnanabharathi Campus, Bangalore – 560 056

6.What is the NAAC grade of Bangalore University?

The recent accreditation of NAAC has given A grade to Bangalore University.

7.How does one enroll for Ph.D programme of Bangalore University?
Please read the Ph.D regulation provided in this web-site. One can reach the document from Admission Sub Menu of the Menu Bar and Click on PhD

8.When will Bangalore University start BS Programme in Science?
Bangalore University has already started BS programme from the academic year 2010-11

9.When will Admission to Distance Education Programme commence?

Admission to Distance Education Programme of Bangalore University will start from 6th January, 2010

10.Is there a Scholarship programme for Below Poverty Line students?

Bangalore University has announced a scholarship of Rs.500 each for 500 below poverty line students of Post Graduate students

11.Is there a placement cell in Bangalore University?

Bangalore University has placement cell in University Vishveshwaraya College of Engineering, KR Circle.

12.Does Bangalore University offers M.Phil Programme?

Bangalore University does not offer any M.Phil programme.